Weatherization Assistance

Michigan's Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a federally funded, low-income residential energy conservation program. The program provides free home energy conservation services to low-income Michigan homeowners and renters. These services reduce energy use and lower utility bills, thus creating more self-sufficient households.
Community Action Agencies provide weatherization services statewide. Both homeowners and renters may apply, eligibility is based on federal poverty guidelines.

Weatherization & Client Education Program (MPSC)

The MCAAA Weatherization & Client Education Program is funded by the Michigan Public Service Commission and supplements CAA’s regular Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).  An energy efficient home can expect an average energy savings of $358 per home per year and an average reduction of a household’s gas consumption of 32 percent. In addition, energy efficiency reduces the burden of unemployment payments for taxpayers and local businesses. Over the past few years, the Michigan Community Action Agency Association (MCAAA) and many other human and social service providers have received funds for assistance to low-income families to help ensure that they made it through the winter heating season. MCAAA believes that by enhancing the existing statewide WAP with additional services, we can make a significant impact on the energy expenditures of low-income families and senior citizens, and ultimately have a positive impact on the economy of the State of Michigan. By providing education and/or energy-efficiency services, we can reduce the likelihood of reapplication for assistance in subsequent years.

Click for more information about WAP or the DHS Multifamily Weatherization Assistance Program, which was completed in July 2012. For a complete list of services and comprehensive information about weatherization or energy education programs, please contact your local Community Action Agency. Refer to either the state map on the Michigan Department of Human Services website or to the agency contact list (organized by county) to locate the Weatherization Operator in your area.


Please contact your local Community Action Agency to learn how you can take advantage of this program in your area.
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